how we work

You can engage us on your project at any stage, following to our ‘5D’ approach:

Discover, Define, Design, Develop, DEPLOY

We can be brought in at any stage depending on what your team has already done or whether you have a preferred Designer, for instance, whom you normally work with.

The table below details the stages of the 5D project approach:

DiscoverEstablish your project goals, user expectations and overall desired features
DefineCreate a specification and build user stories from functional requirements
DesignDecide on the look and feel, desired user experience, and create wireframes
DevelopBuild the website and/or mobile app, with demo/test milestones as agreed
DeployOn ‘code complete’, run through test-and-fix cycle with client, then go live!


We invoice at the end of each of the five stages. The development stage may require extra milestone payments if the project is particularly large. You can provide us with a PO for the whole project or for each stage.

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