FuzZy started as a web development shop with in-house and outsourced developers. As we grew we noticed we were outsourcing more and more projects and needed to collect timesheets from our valuable resources so that we could track costs and maintain delivery schedules.

We started looking for a simple timesheet solution but all the applications we tried were bloated with many features we’d probably never use. So we created our own.

Through the process of outsourcing development and needing timesheets for them we also realised we also needed project managers for those projects too so we seeked to become Scrum Masters and Project Owners.

Today, we largely focus on being Scrum Masters and Product Owners. We’re also experienced Dev Ops, managing Microsoft Azure cloud hosting for clients. We have taken a backseat on actual web development work. We are however; happy to put you in touch with developers and designers we know. We can even manage the project for you and then deploy it to your Azure cloud account. Consider us your IT architect; we’re just not builders anymore, but we speak their language and provide a good intermediary service  between clients and technical staff (developer | designer(s)).



Ever Changing Office


Our team is constantly evolving depending on project needs, but our core members consists of:

PH:  Certified Scrum Master
SH:  Certified Scrum Master
SH:  Operations
KC:  Admin

We’re always looking for new outsourced resources so if you have skills you think we’d be able to utilise please email us. We work with individuals not agencies. 


Company Number: 11481502
VAT Number:  302 4727 35
Email: [email protected]