FuzZy started as a web development shop with in-house and outsourced developers. As we grew we noticed we were outsourcing more and more projects and needed to collect timesheets from our valuable resources so that we could keep track of costs and maintain delivery schedules.

We started looking for a simple timesheet solution but all the applications we tried were very bloated with many features we’d probably never use. So we created our own.

Company Info
Company #: 11481502
VAT #: GB 302 4727 35
Email: time@
Phone: +44 (0) 844 487 7914


Our team is constantly evolving based on current projects, but our core team consists of: 

    PJ: CTO
    SR: Sys Admin
    SA: Operations
    KM: Admin
    JB: Outsourced developer

We are always looking out for new talent. If you are a ASP.Net Core | 5 | Blazor developer do get in touch. Please note that we ONLY engage with individuals NOT agencies. All SEO and marketing emails are unsolicited and will NOT be answered.